Wednesday, April 21, 2004
save me this day.

during lunch today one of my friends came up to me and she was crying on my shoulder because of you, you fuckin bitch. i hate to see her in pain and you just fuckin ignore her. she used to be your bestfriend and you fuckin turn your back on her now.
you think your too good for her or you just talk to her when your in the mood. how could you and your so called friends do this to a sweet girl?
so as we welcomed my friend into our lil group during lunch i was smiling for her on the outside but on the inside i wanted to go over to you and rip out your eyes and ring your hair around your neck and choke you till you lose consiousness...but that would be too good for you. i hope you die a slow and painful death.

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

today was cas's birthday and we went paintballing and super fun....i could get addicted to it if i was rolling in money...but now i have this bruise on my left side of my back and it hurts to move my arm back...oh well the consequences of having too much fun. :D

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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Royal pain in the ass.


i know im not gonna win but so what right? yeah have to get $200 to be on the ballet at prom....
well at least im doing something that i thought i'd never do.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
goodbyes suck ass.

randz and his daddy leaving on a jetplane

slavepoet and munchkin

taco me and chan

roy me and jun...enslavedmunchkin

getting ready to go to the gate :(

he's finally gone...gonna miss his hot ass...

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Sunday, April 11, 2004
sweet like candy to my soul

other night was a blast.....started out sucky  but it was pretty good. *thumbs up*

went to GPO to meet people to go bowling but kt din call anyone so it was just casass,concon,apes,me and kt there and no car. so we went there and we were gonna go to a party with nat after she got off. we went around and stuff and met up with justin and he was going to the party too. joe came to pick up jus so he just took me while the guys waited for nat. so me and just go with joe and no one is at the pavillian and theres no power and someone was there so me and jus walked back to was super cool cuase it was night time so it wasn hot and he was holding me while we walked to "protect" me haha dorko. so we get to GPO and we saw adam, kirk and jackie so we talk and stuff and then we finally go down to the foodcourt to go see the guys.....

we get a call from smiley jay that their having a thing at garden villa so we go with tommy after he was off to check it out...freakin you could smell the marijuana in the hallway...tsk tsk. so yeah we hung outside and it was cool....i put my head on geo's lap and he was hugging me and i was telling him my problems...about how i've been  crying for 2 nights in a row and yeah....and he listened...hes such a sweetheart...he took us home <3 awww...and cas and con slept at my house and we watched Gothika sucked :D

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Friday, April 09, 2004
falling away from me.

hes leaving on tuesday. so soon. and i missed the bbq yesterday because of church. *sigh* i wanna go to the airport to see him off but idk if i can wake up that early and even if i do im kinda scared that hell have all his old friends around him and he won have time to say goodbye to me. i mean you had your old friends who you have so much history with and then this girl who just became your friend came along and would you spend your time on her or your old friends? god damn it doria...stop being so scared randy wouldn do that hes not THAT big of an ass....

gonna miss him bad though...i mean hes the guy that gave me back what little self esteem i did have at a time i needed it most. always be thankful for that. i mean i saw myself as this fugly girl and he told me "fuck it" more or less words. but still it hit me and made me see that in order for me to be loved i have to love me first.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

fuckin A.....i hate it when my mom is so fuckin ugh.
okay on tuesday went to play halo at shins house and it was fuckin fun as hell....
randy and taco came over and i beat their asses *pretend* and geo came and some other guys it was like 16 people. woop. so much fun. and i went home at 12:55 not that late right?!
fuck my mom was waiting up saying she was waiting for us since 11:30 WTF. i told her that i wasn sure what time we'd be home cause when the guys get into the game they really get into the game so yeah shes like "don ask me to go anywhere" FUCK YOU YOU BITCH!
god i hate it when freakin friends who are younger than me get to stay out and shit and fuckin not have to worry....but no im fuckin 18 almost 19 and she treats me like im a 12 year old..........

fuck you mom......always and forever.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
sadness reigns

convo with me and randy....misanthrope-randz, test your might....-me

misanthrope says:hmmmm

misanthrope says:nice pic baby


test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says:thanks.... hot guy right?

test your might..... says:hes mine stay away

misanthrope says:If you say so.

misanthrope says:Sweetness.


test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says:gonna be sad when you leave you know....not gonna see you on EI for awhile

misanthrope says:no way

misanthropesays:I'll be EI-ing from the airport

misanthrope says:Laptops are teh shit

test your might..... says:yay

test your might..... says:so where you gonna stay?

misanthropesays:my cousin's house

misanthropesays:down the road from the Whisky agogo

test your might..... says:so what you gonna do when you get there

test your might..... says:start school then look for a job?


misanthrope says:pretty much

misanthropesays:except not necessarily in that order.

misanthrope says:I'll also see if I can go to "her" wedding

misanthropesays:pull a Wayne's World

misanthrope says:"Cassandra!"

misanthrope says:ha!

test your might..... says:haha

test your might..... says:your gonna try and stop it?


misanthropesays:I'll just show her what she's missing.

test your might..... says:yeah...but wouldn it hurt?

misanthropesays:I know.


misanthropesays:ah well

misanthrope says:If I pass this test I can handle anything.

test your might..... says:yeah and remember theres a lot of people on guam who love you for your hotness

test your might..... says:hey before you go i wanna play halo with you

misanthrope says:no shit ah

misanthropesays:we should.

misanthropesays:Did those guys tell you about last time at Jun's house?

misanthropesays:that was the shit

misanthrope says:hahahahah

misanthropesays:we;re all just outside

misanthropesays:me and jay are drunk

misanthropesays:and there's a bunch of kids


test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says:alisa told me



misanthropesays:I was holding my own though

misanthrope says:against the young whippersnappers

test your might..... says:hahaha

test your might..... says:we should play tonight

misanthropesays: who is this shinobu?

test your might..... says:haha....hes our friend they play halo at his house all the time

test your might..... says:we were there last night...


test your might..... says:super funny how they take that game seriously

misanthrope says:I might get hella pwned then

misanthropesays:I take that game seriously

misanthrope says:but goddamn

misanthrope says:these guys are crazy

misanthropesays:they got the tricks like whoa

test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says:so if your playing and i make you die youd get pissed?

misanthrope says:nah

misanthrope says:unless you're mocking me

misanthropesays:then we're gonna fight

misanthrope says:hahahaha

test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says: id beat down your ass.

misanthrope says:psssh

misanthrope says:nah
you love my ass.

test your might..... says:yeah...


misanthrope says:excellent choice of ass.

test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says:they say i do have good taste


misanthrope says:so do I

misanthrope says:except when I'm sweating

misanthropesays:then it's all salty balls

test your might..... says:lol

test your might..... says:you wanna play tonight?

test your might..... says:or your doing something?

misanthropesays:I was supposed to

misanthropesays:lemme see what's up

misanthrope says:where does this person live?

misanthrope says:because I'm bringing MY shit

misanthrope says:If I'm gonna get pwned it better be on my system

test your might..... says:he lives in dededo

test your might..... says:umm you know ysengsong (sp?) near dededo middle school

misanthropesays:oh ok

misanthropesays:no problem then

misanthropesays:I might bring some people to kill

test your might..... says:coolio.

test your might..... says:soyou going?

test your might..... says:or maybe


misanthrope says:adam said he was gonna call me

misanthropesays:if I'm not drunk yet

misanthropesays:sad alkie already

misanthropesays:But it's OK still buff



test your might..... says: thought you were going straight edge?

misanthrope says:I thought so too.

test your might..... says:tsk tsk

misanthropesays:I'll do that when I get there.

misanthropesays:It's depressing that I'm going to leave that's why

misanthrope says:I have a good excuse


test your might..... says:yeah

test your might..... says:but your leaving to better yoursel

misanthropesays:I know.

misanthropesays:Coz I'm fuckin cool like that

misanthrope says:haha

misanthrope says:nah

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
goodby to you good bye to me.

you tell me that the date is set and your leaving for good....
why couldn it have been like last time were things get fucked up and you end up staying?
fuck i want you to stay but being so selfish....damn you for making me feel for you.
at least we have EI fuck that...i wont be able to cheer and scream your name when you play an all ages
never gonna see you at the drink outs and wont be able to malest you....i keed i keed....

gonna miss you randy linco......


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Monday, April 05, 2004
time fails me.

time is running out and all i can think about is how much ill miss you....
wish you could stay but i know im being selfish...
i love you.

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I Hate:
x mean people
x people who judge me and my friends
x people who think their better than us

I Heart:
<3 my friends
<3 my family
<3 babies
<3 converse (thanks to coco)
<3 my tintins
<3 Ei
<3 slavesoul
<3 core
<3 hevi burden
<3 SFS
<3 tryst

Shout Outs:
! concon
! casass
! apes
! kj
! kai kai
! goomers

without them i wouldn't be the girl i am today.....i'd be richer...


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